Forward Examiner Rejections

For the first time, you have the ability to monitor when your patents are actively blocking your competition.

IP managers and attorneys at corporations and law firms now have access to Anaqua’s new tech tool, Forward Examiner Rejections, which enables companies to identify which of their patents are blocking competitors’ new inventions.

Anaqua’s Acclaim IP is the only patent and analytics software available in the market that combines forward rejection data with full access to USPTO file wrapper documents. A “Forward Rejection” is an examiner citation used in a 102 (novelty) or 103 (obviousness) rejection that identifies your patent as the art blocking your competitor’s application.

Why do you need this? The benefit of Forward Examiner Rejection is that it tells you which of your patents may be useful in cross licensing, which may be fenced in by competitors, and which may require additional continuations to protect their technology space.

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