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The most innovative companies in the world innovate with Anaqua

More than 70% of the market value of today’s public companies is comprised of intangible assets such as brands, know-how, trade secrets, and patents. More and more, the world’s leading innovators have something in common besides the sheer volume of patents and trademarks they generate: they rely on Anaqua.

Anaqua brought the first modern software platform to the mission of protecting an organization’s intellectual assets. When the risks are high and the rewards are great, innovators need the most advanced technology enablers to ensure success. Just as changed customer relationship management, Google changed the pursuit of valuable information and Amazon changed retail, Anaqua is changing intellectual property management.

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Anaqua helps corporations and law firms turn intellectual property into competitive advantage. Our platform, ANAQUA, unifies the critical tools, best practice workflows, data, and documents into one efficient, intelligent environment. Our clients gain better insight for decision-making and business alignment while dramatically reducing and controlling costs.



AcclaimIP helps patent owners, patent researchers, and intellectual property law firms create better patents, assess the competition’s patent portfolio, and identify the most valuable patents in any portfolio. Our patent research software, is built on a foundation of quality patent data, amazing user experience and remarkable performance. It is then wrapped by a powerful collection of search and analytics tools giving you the ability to research patent information faster, and with more precision.


ideaPoint software enables global enterprises to capitalize on breakthrough ideas and opportunities at any stage of development, accelerating innovation and driving growth, all within one secure, easy to use tool.With ideaPoint software, companies can seize a range of growth opportunities, secure strategic partnerships and manage critical requests, initiatives and alliances. ideaPoint has specialized solutions in: life sciences and innovation sourcing.