Over the next few months, Anaqua is hosting a series of 30-minute virtual sessions dedicated to exploring some of the key benefits of AcclaimIP.

Who should join?Whether you want to understand which patents are most valuable to your organisations or to determine if an idea is worth pursuing and patentable, the webinar series will give an overview of AcclaimIP. We will provide real-life examples of how businesses and law firms are using the tool today. 

Landscaping & Monitoring

Technology is rapidly evolving. Keeping track of competitors and suppliers, and all the technologies they’re innovating around, requires ongoing monitoring.  

Traditional IP landscaping is time-consuming. And once completed, it already begins to date itself. IP managers are often left feeling like they have little time to disseminate their landscape findings before they’re right back where they first started, having to recreate their established landscapes from scratch all over again.  

AcclaimIP’s unique Landscape Matrix tool, combined with a powerful alerting functionality, can help take some of the “repeat” out of your landscaping efforts, freeing up your time for true IP strategy work. 

Presentation and Q&A (30 min):

  • 1.30 PM – 2.00 PM (London) 
  • 2.30 PM – 3.00 PM (Paris/Munich) 
Shayne Phillips
Director, Analytics Solutions


Upcoming AcclaimIP webinars 

  • US Prosecution and Patent Analytics, November 17, 2022 

October 13th

1.30 PM GMT / 2.30 PM CET 

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