Creating IP Strategy Masterpieces

One of the most classic points of view in intellectual property (IP) strategy is that it must be linked to business strategy in design and execution in order to be appreciated, effective and sustainable. Crafting competitive IP strategy, however, is as much art as science. This white paper explores several important perspectives to consider when designing your IP strategy masterpiece.

Highlights of this white paper include:

  • 5 considerations of IP strategy that stretch beyond necessary considerations of business strategy
  • Key components of the IPLM Framework and why the model is critical to the design of IP Strategy
  • Perspectives to consider when identifying, protecting, leveraging and de-leveraging intellectual property assets


Featured Writer: Barry Brager, MBA, CLP - Perception Partners, Inc.
Based on the principles of Eduardo Carreras, former Chief IP Counsel of the Coca-Cola Company.

Barry is a Certified Licensing Professional and the Founder and Managing Partner of Perception Partners®. He brings a unique combination of expertise in entrepreneurship, analytics and marketing to the firm’s diverse teams, tools and techniques. In his role, Barry helps clients fully leverage innovation and IP strategy with a range of Expert Services from IP creation to IP monetization that have supported decisions related to billions in IP transactions.

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