Designing A Killer Patent Portfolio White Paper

A paper by Barry Brager of Perception Partners, Inc., sponsored by Anaqua

Don’t just rush to file patents, even though speed matters. Carefully curate IP assets into strategic patent portfolios that have value in parts and even more as a whole. By looking inwards at business goals and outwards in global IP and technical databases, your portfolio will be best positioned for the future where the money is – and where competitors aren’t.

Highlights of this white paper include:

  • Six critical steps to systematically expand patents using IP analytics
  • A case study demonstrating the effectiveness of the six-step expansion approach
  • Ten key reasons why your company should systematically expanding its IP portfolio


Featured Writer: Barry Brager, MBA, CLP - Perception Partners, Inc.

Barry is a Certified Licensing Professional and the Founder and Managing Partner of Perception Partners®. He brings a unique combination of expertise in entrepreneurship, analytics and marketing to the firm’s diverse teams, tools and techniques. In his role, Barry helps clients fully leverage innovation and IP strategy with a range of Expert Services from IP creation to IP monetization that have supported decisions related to billions in IP transactions.

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