Watch Now: Magic IP Strategy Answers for IP Counsel

The presentation is about a magic eight (ball). Not quite the answer machine you knew as a kid, but similar. Today clients expect outside counsel to have answers about extrinsic risks, expressed in terms of what client stakeholders are doing in legal, technology and business terms. You can't just shake the old 8ball for answers but you also can't cost-effectively predict problems before they arise. Or can you?

Spend 45 minutes and hear from World Leading IP Strategist Barry Brager as he discusses 8 factors of insight you can bring to the table in your client development - far in advance of your next client win.

Highlights of the webinar include:

  • How to estimate the impact of financial events/milestones.
  • Why you must depict your clients competitive landscape, and how to show your mastery of the topics.
  • How to identify which range of solutions and approaches industry players are favoring, to get clients thinking and investing more on new solutions.

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