Kelloggs Case Study: The New Normal in the CPG World

Today’s digital and mobile shopping channels and e-commerce venues have opened the floodgates to thousands of new competitors across dozens of Consumer Packaged Goods categories, who simply couldn’t compete before. The digital world has also paved the way for a new breed of smarter, savvier “on-demand” shoppers with seemingly endless choices available to them.

To remain competitive and relevant, global CPG companies like Kellogg’s, have learned to master the art of innovation through partnering.

Read our case study on the management challenges Kellogg’s faced when their partnering initiatives grew, and how ideaPoint provided them with collaboration management capabilities, including:

  • A secure, searchable partner repository
  • A fully-supported, staged evaluation for all partnerships and proposals
  • Automated workflow that allows for parallel review and decision making by internal experts
  • System-generated reports in a fraction of the time
  • Dynamic, cross-functional collaboration
  • Transparency within the organization and with external partners

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