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Prosecution Analytics Landing Page
Prosecution Analytics Report

Craft the Best Possible Strategy

Understand the past actions of your examiner with AcclaimIP’s new Prosecution Analytics Report when responding to US office actions.

  • View analytics by examiner, art unit, CPC classification, and more
  • Gain an understanding of allowance rate trends year over year
  • Determine the best decision to make at each stage of prosecution

Know Your Examiner

Create a prosecution strategy for your application and find out how to get the broadest claims allowed by viewing specific examples of former allowances. By learning more about your examiner, you’ll be able to:  

  • View the level of experience and allowance rate of an examiner
  • Compare allowance rate of the examiner vs. the art unit as a whole
  • Determine if it would be helpful to initiate an interview with your examiner
Prosecution Analytics Report
Prosecution Analytics Report

Receive Fewer Office Actions

Speed up your prosecution process by using the many Office Action charts to learn how your examiner typically reviews applications.

  • See average time to disposition for an examiner compared to their peers
  • Gain insight into how much your filed claims will likely have to be amended prior to grant
  • Learn how often you might receive a restriction vs. a non-final or final office action