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Introducing new capabilities on Anaqua’s AQX® Platform

As we work with our clients, Anaqua’s AQX Platform continues to evolve.  This release focuses in three high priority areas – Portfolio Management, Classifications and USPTO Integration.  Read more below.

We are grateful for the partnership we have with our client community and the valuable insight they share with us everyday.  We are excited to continue our work together on AQX, your platform of choice.
Top Features
Portfolio Management

Decisions can be hard, but having the information you need at your fingertips should be easy. So when we designed our portfolio management capabilities, we worked closely with many of our clients to see what information they needed to make the right decisions on a daily basis. This release includes our next installment of those capabilities, and we’ll continue to evolve it with our client's success in mind.
Classification View

Keep your portfolios up to date with the new Classification View that helps you quickly find patents and inventions to add to your portfolio. Populate visual classification trees with your business hierarchies you use today. Easily see new patents and inventions that have been tagged with a specific classification and add them to related portfolios so your data stays organized and updated with the most current information.
Enhanced TSDR Integration

It’s easier to keep up than to catch up. With our enhanced integration with the USPTO Trademark Status Document Retrieval (TSDR), you can sync your Trademark records on a scheduled basis and pull only the items that have changed since the last scheduled sync. This allows you to catch any discrepancies as they happen and saves you time since you won’t have to review past updates.

We have collaborated closely with our clients to implement portfolio management best practices into our platform. Previously, you could view important data to make portfolio decisions, and now, we have made it interactive to provide a new user-experience that will help simplify the portfolio decision-making process.

— Jason Streciwilk, Sr. Director of Product Management at Anaqua
Honorable Mentions
01   Redesigned Email Drafting Space

02   Add Attachments to Draft Emails

03   Multi-class Creation Option for Trademarks

04   New Remarks field in TM Application
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