Anaqua’s industry-leading intellectual property software enables law firms to streamline managing intellectual property and grow their practice. 

Our Intellectual Property Solutions and Services for General Practice Firms include:

Powerful IP Docketing Software
Starts at $14,000 annually

Are you looking for a docketing software to help you manage your valuable patent and trademark data and deadlines?

Docketing is at the heart of managing intellectual property portfolios effectively. PATTSY WAVE is designed for intellectual property professionals who are looking for easy-to-use software to increase their productivity and grow with them as their needs evolve. See how PATTSY WAVE® can help you work more efficiently, minimize risks, and provide you peace of mind.

Patent Payments & Trademark Renewals
Complimentary Price Quotes upon request

Are you struggling to ensure patent annuity deadlines and trademark renewals are met? Missing a payment can result in loss of protection and have a significant financial impact on your organization.

Let Anaqua Services help you work efficiently, eliminate repetitive tasks, and ensure your payments are made timely and efficiently.

Patent Search & Analytics Software
Starts at $2,500 annually

Do you need to write stronger patent applications for your clients? Are you trying to help your client understand the value of their portfolio?

AcclaimIP is a powerful search and analytical tool where users can leverage public patent information to write stronger applications, make more informed filing, licensing, and renewal decisions, and track competitors.

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