This 45-minute webinar covers a pragmatic, workflow-based, day-to-day approach for law firms to apply patent analytics in four areas:

  1. RCEs
  2. Interviews
  3. Office Action Response
  4. Pitching and retaining clients

Learn the 3 P's of regular, accurate, and efficient use of analytics from panelist Bernard Tomsa, Attorney and Shareholder at Brooks Kushman. Together with Matt Troyer, Senior Director of Patent Analytics at AcclaimIP, Bernie will show the tools his team actually uses, and conclude with unique insight on the future of using patent analytics.


Bernard Tomsa Bernard Tomsa, Attorney and Shareholder, Brooks Kushman
Bernie is a registered patent attorney with over ten years of experience drafting patents, freedom-to-operate opinions, responses and appeals in variety of technologies. Bernie has drafted hundreds of patents, and he has extensive experience with software patent applications related to video game software, interactive automotive software systems, digital circuits, database systems, advertisement delivery software and systems, web based applications, smart-phone applications, storage device hardware, and digital content delivery systems.
Matt Troyer Matt Troyer, Senior Director Patent Analytics, AcclaimIP
Matt is the product manager of AcclaimIP and Anaqua’s integrated data products. He is a founder of AcclaimIP along with Erik Reeves and David Hawley, and moved over to Anaqua after the acquisition of AcclaimIP by Anaqua, Inc. in early 2016.  Working with several practicing patent attorneys, Matt designed the Prosecution Analytics Report and the integration of prosecution data into AcclaimIP’s core charting package.  He is currently working on brining the same level of transparency and data support to other key decision points in a patent’s lifecycle including annuity/renewal decisions, filing decisions and monetization decisions.