Patent Value Indicators: An In-Depth Discussion

Patent attorneys and portfolio managers are challenged with evaluating their own patent portfolios, as well as those of key competitors, including emerging entrants in their competitive sphere. And it’s a daunting task! 

In 2018, approximately 100K new patents and applications are published globally each week.  Evaluating all potentially relevant patents, especially when your products integrate multiple technologies, is virtually impossible, or at a minimum, cost-prohibitive. That means patent professionals need shortcuts to help identify patents that most likely pose a threat or provide an opportunity for your company or client.

Join Gene Quinn on August 2, 2018, for a free webinar discuss of patent value metrics and how they can be used to sort the wheat from the chaff. Joining Gene will be Matt Troyer, Director of Patent Analytics for Anaqua, Inc., and Tony Trippe, Managing Director of Patinformatics.

Among other things, this webinar will discuss:

  1. Citation landscape, and how to best evaluate a patent by the citing documents, citing companies, dates of citations, and types of citations you should consider in a holistic citation evaluation.
  2. Understanding the intuition behind valuation metrics, and where they are spot on, where they may fail, and where further investigation is required.
  3. Whether family size is distilled to one number, or whether a composite number may be a better indicator of importance.
  4. Metrics derived from a patent’s prosecution history, such as the narrowness of the claims, number of Office Actions, and claim amendments.

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